Loof 4 Doors Wardrobe
Loof 4 Doors Wardrobe
Loof 4 Doors Wardrobe
Loof 4 Doors Wardrobe
Loof 4 Doors Wardrobe
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Breite: 180 cm | Höhe: 210 cm | Tiefe: 59 cm

Designed with two different colour tones on the right side, Loof 4 Doors Wardrobe combines aesthetics and practicality. The lower part of the right side offers a harmonic appearance in a colour compatible with the drawers. Safe and silent use is ensured with self-integrated brake hinges.

Designed with the internal arrangement in mind, our product offers shelves and partitions to store your belongings in an organised way. While the ventilation plug allows your belongings to breathe, the earthquake connection system increases the safety of the cabinet.

Our product, which is produced from materials harmless to human health, provides aesthetic touches with wooden handles and feet, while maintaining its durability. 2 clothes hangers allow you to hang your belongings in an organised way, while the internal structure of the cabinet provides practical storage.

MDF framed left doors and Hazeran-looking self-printed interior surfaces emphasise elegance and quality. The storage capacity of the cabinet is increased with 2 drawers for ease of use.

The wooden legs can be adjusted to the desired height, while the plastic adjustable legs ensure the stability of the product. With these features, our cabinet adds value to your living space with its elegant design and functionality.

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