Relax Chair Orange
Relax Chair Orange
Relax Chair Orange
Relax Chair Orange

Breite: 71 cm | Höhe: 65 cm | Tiefe: 46 cm

Bring the vibrancy of orange colour to your living spaces with Relax chair!

Relax chair can be adjusted according to the height of the seated person thanks to its height adjustment mechanism and can be moved to the desired location with its wheeled legs. Add a positive atmosphere to your spaces with this special chair that combines modern design and comfort.

Relax chair combines both aesthetics and comfort with its round form and ergonomic design. The orange seating surface adds dynamism to your space, while the pastel orange side harmonises perfectly with our existing series.

Materials Information:
• Seat and backrest frame one piece fibreglass
• Seat and backrest cover 100% polyester fabric
• Chrome•plated, seat height adjustment mechanism
• Chrome plated metal star leg
• Plastic wheels with pluggable tyres

Cleaning and Usage Instructions:
• All screws and nuts must be tightened well before use.
• Screws, nuts and wheel joints should be checked periodically.
• Do not stand on the chair.
• The chair should not be used as a mobile ladder or for carrying goods in the house.
• In case of damage or wear and tear of the product parts, spare parts that are not factory approved should not be used instead of the relevant part.
• If the warning information in the operating instructions is ignored, serious injuries may occur.
• Bleach, bleaching chemicals and wire brush should not be used during cleaning.
• Immediately remove any stains that may occur.

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