RAINBOW, مصباح مكتب
RAINBOW, مصباح مكتب
RAINBOW, مصباح مكتب
RAINBOW, مصباح مكتب
RAINBOW, مصباح مكتب
RAINBOW, مصباح مكتب

عرض: 15 cm | ارتفاع: 31 cm | عمق: 15 cm

• The product is consisting one part.
• The product has led illumination feature.
• Touch control panel for opening, closing and color options.
• Customization operating light option which can be changed as White and Yellow.
• 4 color illumination option for night mode, which can be adjusted by touching.
• Flexible body which can be turned 360 degree in if required.
• DC socket input for power source.
• PVC lower base.
• Led lamp has been signed according to 100V-240V 50/60 Hz power current.

Product Properties:
• Our product as one part body and PVC materials were used on all surface. Product functions consist of 9 areas.
• Lamp area
• Optic filter
• Corrugated body
• Control panel
• Night lightning setting button
• Night light
• DC socket input
• Base
• Adapter Advantages of Led Illumination:
• There is no UV ray in Led lamps. Because of these reasons, it lowers the eye fatigue which causes watering of eyes, headache.
• Since there is no light flicker, it lowers the eye discomfort.
• Lowers the flash on the reading/writing materials, provides optimal illumination.
• More durable than the normal lamps.

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