"Our door is always open to the perfect staff."

As the Human Resources Director at Çilek, I am committed to enhancing the competence, engagement, and satisfaction of our employees. We believe in growing and developing by drawing from diverse experiences and backgrounds.

If you say, "I want to be part of this development," we also welcome your job applications.

The head of everything is "Human being"

In every endeavor it prioritizes, Çilek believes that its most valuable asset is its people. Those who strive for superior quality, embrace development, foster a culture of continuous learning, champion innovation, and differentiation, and are characterized by their dynamism and active participation are highly valued by Çilek.

"We understand that the cornerstone of Çilek's success is a skilled and content workforce."

Our Recruitment Principles

Çilek employs individuals who have the potential to align with our core competencies, values, and organizational culture. We seek individuals with high energy, adaptability to change, and a commitment to impartiality and equal opportunities.

We welcome your application to become a part of the Çilek family.

Email: hr@cilek.com

Çilek Academy

Çilek believes that its most valuable asset for development is its human resources, and as such, it invests in its employees by providing regular training opportunities to enhance their skills.

To fulfill this goal, Çilek established Çilek Academy in 2009. The academy supports the development and preparation of employees for the future. It encompasses various activities, from orientation training for new employees to the analysis of training needs, planning and execution of training programs, as well as evaluation and documentation of these activities.

Internship Opportunities

Çilek supports the development of high school and university students by providing internship opportunities, preparing them for their future careers.

Internship applications are made by filling out the official internship form on the Internship Application Form page. Internships are offered in two periods: summer and winter.

Internship Eligibility Criteria

Students who wish to intern at Çilek Mobilya A.Ş. must have a mandatory internship requirement as part of their education, and for summer internships, they should be in their 3rd or 4th year of a 4-year program. Vocational school students can apply regardless of their year of study, whether they are in their 1st or 2nd year. It is preferable for the student's field of study to be related to the company's operations and processes, and their academic performance is considered

Summer Internships

Summer internships take place between June and September.

Please note that internship requests during the two-week Çilek summer vacation in July are not accepted.

Applications for summer internships (Vocational High School/Associate degree/University) are accepted via the Internship Application Form page. After the application process, notifications regarding internship acceptance or rejection will be sent to students' email addresses.

Performance Management System (PMS)

The Performance Management System is used to reward teams and individualswho contribute to the achievement of Çilek's goals.

The Çilek PMS consists of two components: Position-based Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) form the basis of performance goals.

Year-end competency assessment based on the position.

The purpose of the Çilek Performance Management System is to monitoremployee performance for the achievement of Çilek's goals and to enhance organizational performance. Additionally, the PMS system helps employeesunderstand and embrace corporate goals.